Sales is an indispensable need for manufacturers and brokers. The sales departments is a big and important activity of companies. If someone produces and someone consumes the goods or services have to be conveyed to consumers/users. In general, it may be seen that sales personnel do not have an appropriate level of knowledge about their job and the product/service they offer. If knowledge is missing, only price, discount and payment term is spoken of. In nowadays market conditions, developing and implementing innovative processes is unavoidable. Our company offers consultancy for the management, and training of a good sales team, and the activation of supporting elements.

Sales Marketing Consultancy

• Examining the sales team and making a situation analysis
• Establishing sales reporting system
• Establishing or renewing a sales team
• Establishing sales operation systems
• Integrating sales team and market networ
• Sales team project training
• Determining sales targets
• Establishing sales performance measuring systems
• Sales office functional planning
• Sales team coaching
• Sales team, advanced and master training
• Establishing a sales premium system