Human Resources

Human Resources is the general name for the processes regulating the relationship between employer and employee or potential employee and also the department with the same name in companies. Human Resources which formerly made absence follow-up, i.e timekeeping as personnel department has increased its activities nowadays with variety. The department which is not limited to personnel recruitment has to direct the personnel recruited to the right position and support it according to its performance. Especially in case of qualified personnel companies invest in its personnel and ensure its improvement. If this process is active, companies realize a sustainable growth.

HR Planning

• Recruitment
• Performance Management
• Wage management
• Training and development methods
• Capability management
• De-employment process

HR consultancy

• HR planning
• Job descriptions
• Recruiting and orientation
• Personnel affairs and labor legislation
• Appreciation and rewarding
• Performance and wage management
• Training and improvement
• HR policy
• Workshops