Independent audit comprises the opinion of an audit company about the financial state of, and whether companies display their financial results in a true and accurate way by examining the financial sheets of companies in accordance with financial reporting standards. The opinion of the auditor presents the visibility of the financial state of the company more reliable, and are effective in being more transparent and corporate against company stakeholders and information users. In order to produce reliable financial information, we joined our experience in international accounting and audit standards with our knowledge about accountancy practices in Turkey, and thus, we produce value added solutions for our customers.

General Audit

• Fault, fraud and irregularity audit
• Financial sheet audit and reporting
• UFRS reporting
• Financial analyse and appraisal
• Compliance audit
• Activities audit
• Accountancy audit
• Internal audit
• Corporate reporting
• Legal audit

Tax Audit and Consultancy

• Taxes, returns and set-offs
• Tax legislation
• Tax incompatibilities
• Incentives, exemption, exceptions and approval services
• Transfer pricing and hidden capital
• Tax planning and structuring
• Possessions and assets examination
• Corporate tax consultancy